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Innovative, data-driven Marketing Leader and Digital Marketing Strategist who inspires while serving as a conceptual visionary and a skilled leader, directing marketing budgets across multiple platforms, from strategy to execution.Known for being a change agent in how to approach marketing in a digital environment and regularly sought out as a best-practice leader. Nurtures, develops, and aligns talented and collaborative teams across all disciplines that consistently produce relevant, ingenious, strategic content and brand messaging. Generates demand by building and deploying novel marketing capabilities that successfully connect business objectives to media, digital and promotional levers.



Leadership • Marketing Strategy & Execution • Digital Marketing • Advertising • Innovation • Account Management • Data Analytics • Retention Strategies • Reactivation Campaigns • Paid & Organic Search SEO • SEM • Social Media • Email Marketing • Analytics • CRM Budgeting • Web Design • Photography Video • Film • Audio  • Content Marketing • Retargeting Marketing Automation • Direct Marketing  Customer Acquisition Initiatives • Digital Media • Process Planning • Communications Management


  • Recipient of “CDK Certificate of Recognition” for contributions to Business Resource Groups.
  • Consistently helped clients improve website lead conversations by 2% to 3% through lead-handling process enhancements and training. This increased sales in some cases, decreased employee turnover in others, and helped clients understand the importance of implementing digital marketing best practices within their businesses.
  • Enrolled 30% of personal network in an optional client website program when client expectation was 15% to rank in the top five (of 23) of peer group.
  • Consistently ranked high among peers in client and customer performance reviews for work as a Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Co-created a dealer-based digital marketing job description and training module for the 1,089 Nissan dealer locations interested in incorporating this role into their respective organizations.
  • Created a number of training guides for use across the client (Nissan) network. Training guides included topics such as “Setting Up and Using Snapchat in Your Business”, “How To Utilize Waze To Market Your Service Department”, and “A Quick Guide to Reputation Management”.


  • Develops and manages teams that work in an entrepreneurial and strategic way to push forward ideas, innovation, execution and culture – all on behalf of customers.
  • Works with executive team to refine the market opportunity, position, and messaging for current and future products and marketing initiatives.
  • Designs, delivers, commercializes, and operates convergent solutions that compose an integrated ecosystem with the purpose of achieving productivity gains and more effective marketing.
  • Identifies and understands brand barriers and develops strategic vision with others; challenges strategies not aligned with the brand objectives.
  • Defines success in terms of the whole team; pushes tasks down to empower others; shares ownership and visibility.
  • Develops and orchestrates media initiatives across every facet of Company interactions with customers, including brand engagement, e-commerce, and digital content capabilities.
  • Ensures system-wide media strategies effectively leverage paid media channels and are seamlessly part of a holistic multi-channel communications planning approach.
  • Identifies and socializes digital media principles, including across paid search, programmatic, audience targeting, and digital media buying best practices.
  • Provides guidance for analyzing and interpreting data to make data-driven solid marketing decisions.
  • Oversees and helps company to create and air stronger, more effective advertising while also helping to deliver more efficient and effective media and communication plans.
  • Establishes media benchmarks and KPIs to evolve media mix in alignment with customer media behavior across all channels and formats.
  • Review the effectiveness of campaigns using key metrics, analytics, and data gathering to create future optimizations.
  • Defines, in collaboration with others, advertising post-tracking tools that allow company to understand the contributions of advertising and media plans in the different media platforms.
  • Develops the brand image and initiatives to foster brand loyalty, attract a broad customer base, and expand the existing customer base.
  • Collaborates with all parties to conceive and develop new/existing creative content and materials that are strategic, on-brand, and on-brief.
  • Known for bringing energy, enthusiasm, and ideas to all initiatives – with the goal, always, to drive response, engage the target audiences, and bring the brand to life.
  • Utilizes Google Analytics and SEO/SEM tools to increase the quality of traffic to website, improve lead conversion, and increase ROI.
  • Assists internal and external clients in utilizing unique data sets to increase brand awareness and create new sales opportunities.
  • Collaborates with clients –internal and external partners and solution owners – to set and maintain the near to long-term strategy for the marketing landscape.



ANSIRA| CLIENT: NISSAN, Nashville, TN                                                    2015 – Present
Sr. Digital Operations Consultant – Nissan SOUTHEAST Region (2023 – Present)

a senior independent contributor, providing support to the Digital Operations Consulting (DOC) team, as well as acting as a subject matter expert in Marketing and Dealer Operations with a deep understanding of the navigation and application of widely used third-party tools used to measure the current performance of a dealer’s marketing and sales strategy.

  • Manage the data collection and reporting, along with the development of tools and resources, for the Nissan Digital Health Assessment Program
  • Collaboration with the Learning & Development Program Manager to create content and present the following essential Nissan consulting program value-added resources:
    o Monthly Clicks to Bricks Live Webinars
    o Monthly Dealer Digital Newsletter
    o Nissan Knowledge Center Course Content
    o Additional Ad-Hoc Resource Requests
  • Engage with strategic dealers in the network to do a deep dive analysis of their digital marketing and sales operations, complete with a personalized Action Plan designed to improve the efficacy of their Digital Marketing spend and Sales Operations.
Digital Operations Consultant – Nissan Central Region (2021 – 2023)

Facilitates and manages dealership “Digital Health Assessments”, including dealership staff interviews, data and process analysis, presentation development and delivery, as well as data review and follow-up analysis.

  • Review dealer performance and create detailed reports and presentations based on national, regional, and local benchmarks with regard to website user experience, data analytics, paid and organic search, and lead management processes
  • Create and present learning content for dealer-facing learning management systems, as well as live presentations and regional and national meetings.
  • Communications and Marketing manager for Sincro and Ansira’s internal IDEA-A-THON event
Nissan Digital Marketing Consultant – Nashville Area Independent Dealers (2018 – 2020)

Consults with dealers regarding digital marketing efforts in store, including website management, social media marketing and management, and reputation management. Monitors lead management and digital marketing metrics for 46 Nissan dealers utilizing enterprise tools and reporting.

  • Communicates Nissan lead management expectations and processes to area dealers, such as lead response times, tier level, response rate, and certification level.
  • Creates and presents digital marketing presentations for various dealer and Nissan regional staff events and summits.
  • Acting Communications and Marketing Officer for CDK Global’s internal Connected Business Resource Group.
Digital Marketing Account Manager – Nissan North America HQ (2017 – 2018)         

Managed the day-to-day client relationship.Communicated Nissan Dealer Website Program business objectives on behalf of the client and CDK staff in multiple locations.

  • Acted as the liaison between the OEM Client and internal personnel.
  • Generated client-requested project outlines for use towards retained assets.
  • Provided reporting and visibility of account activity, professional service projects/revenue, and account insights to management and internal key stakeholders, escalating appropriately within the organization for issue resolution.


Nissan Digital Marketing Consultant – Nashville Market (2015 – 2017)

Monitored lead management and digital marketing metrics for 50 Nissan dealers in the Nashville Market utilizing enterprise tools and reporting.Communicated Nissan lead management expectations and processes to area dealers, such as lead response times, tier level, response rate, and certification level.

  • Consulted with dealers regarding digital marketing efforts in store, including website management, social media marketing and management, and reputation management.
  • Created and presented digital marketing presentations for various dealer and Nissan regional staff events and summits.


AUTOMOTIVE RETAILERS, Nashville, TN                                                               2013 – 2015
Digital Marketing Manager

Developed and executed marketing programs and processes focused on sales enablement and lead generation. Created and managed web and social media content, including online inventory management, for location-specific websites and third-party lead generation sources.

  • Monitored each business unit’s website, social media, and reputation-based analytics in an effort to adjust the online strategy accordingly.
  • Communicated sales expectations by instructing sales on the proper sales process in an effort to build and maintain customer relationships.


ROASTED PIXEL, Nashville, TN                                                                                 2010 – 2013
Digital Marketing Consultant

Served a wide variety of clients in the development of innovative and compelling website content, HTML email campaigns, and social network campaigns; created a broad range of marketing and advertising materials

  • Conceptualized and implemented highly efficient strategies, resulting in marketing, advertising, and operational efficiency enhancement for clients.
  • Managed, controlled, and sustained billing and budgets to continuously optimize profitability and minimize costs, as well as resourcefully manage daily operations, developing new partnerships, deals, and alliances


THINK! ADVERTISING GROUP, Nashville, TN                                                       2007 – 2010
Operations Leader

Created and integrated online marketing resources, both internally and externally, while leading the development of the website content and advertising materials.

  • Analyzed existing processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within customer campaigns and the organization itself.
  • Led the production of clients’ TV commercials through meticulous control and guidance throughout all production stages.
  • Spearheaded the administration, hiring, and allocation of internal and external resources while monitoring deadlines and budgets.


SBTV.COM | SMALL BUSINESS TELEVISION, St. Louis, MO                                2003 – 2007
Production Manager and Editor

Spearheaded and managed overall television production operations, as well as held primary accountability for video crews/editors recruitment to build a highly professional and motivated team; led offsite video shoots and TV interviews.

  • Utilized exceptional planning and prioritization skills to create effective shooting schedules; prepared project pipeline reports.
  • Coordinated and handled news segments and editorial reviews.
  • Interacted with clients and created simple and elaborate animations/graphics for ordered commercials.


NOSSI COLLEGE OF ART, Nashville, TN                                                                  2007 – 2013

Adjunct Instructor

Developed an innovative curriculum entailing the utilization of cutting-edge techniques and tools.



MCM | Master of Communication Management



BA | Bachelor of Arts, Media Communications

Honors Graduate



 Google Analytics Certified• Google AdWords Basic Certified



Google Online Office Tools • Microsoft Office Suite • Multiple CRM Systems • Online Analytics Tools • Video and Audio Editing Tools